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Synology 12 bay NAS DiskStation DS2415+ (Diskless)

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Product Description

Synology 12 Bay NAS DiskStation DS2415+ Review: A Simpler Device with a More Powerful Performance

So far, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is still chosen as the solution for data saving particularly when the capacity is really big. Yes, NAS is a data saver device with an operating system specially used for backup needs and data sharing. The device can be directly accessed through the protocol network like TCP/ IP. It only needs to connect with a server through facilities like hub, switch, and router. This way, you can access your data every time and everywhere as long as the device is linked to the internet or intranet connections.

One of the brands that is popular with NAS products is Synology. Currently, Synology launches its product, Synology 12 Bay NAS DiskStation DS2415. It is in the diskless category with a digital storage capacity of 2GB. Are you interested in this one? Here are specifications, pros, and cons.


The series of Synology 12 Bay NAS DiskStation offers four Gigabit LAN ports with Failover. Besides, it also has the Link Aggregation Support for better and more powerful performance. The product also scales up to 24 drives with Synology DX1215. To make it work, it is compatible with a power supply unit or an adapter of 500 W.

For the digital storage capacity, it is 2GB of DDR3 RAM. But the feature is expandable to 6GB if you think that only 2GB is not enough. Other features added in the product are Vmware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V Certified. It has high availability and ability to read and write with Cache Support. Sure, it is compatible with various operating systems including Mac.

The design seems not special at all. Yes, it simply reminds you of other NAS series from Synology. It is in the form of a box with only black color. But the fewer details on the surface just make the product look more modern and futuristic. Moreover, it is quite lightweight as well.

Before using it, you must do the installation process first. Well, the process is indeed quite complex. After connecting the adapter to the electric socket, install also the LAN cable to connect with the router. Push the power button to turn on the NAS device.

The configuration process can be started by visiting the official website of Synology. To do that you also must make a Synology account by entering the user name and server. Next, you may need to install some core apps. You can skip it first and directly enter the DiskStation Manager. After login, the device is ready to use.

Synology 12 bay NAS DiskStation DS2415+ (Diskless)

Pros and Cons

When the product is generally good, there are still some pros and cons after using it. What are they?

  • Pros

The design is compact and it is surprisingly lightweight, making it ideal for various needs. There is also an external USB that supports additional storage. The USB also works well to move large data faster. For big data, it is helpful to improve productivity.

  • Cons

Compared with the previous models, the setup process is quite difficult. Therefore, you may need to spend more time only to install and configure it.